Goverment and Academic Ambassador
(GAAP) Program
About the Project
GAAP is targeting to coordinate Government & Academic outreach efforts throughout all the countries, providing guidance and full support to local Chapters to establish contacts with their national entities and to propose an European vision to the proposed collaboration scheme.

Strategic Goals:
Expand awareness of the value of project management and PM maturity in Europe, in particular in Government and Academic Institutions.
Play the role of driver of change and innovation within the Public sector in all European countries.
Sustainably build and grow PMI® Chapters' communities and link them with the key actors of the Public Sector.
Support the project management discipline in the public sector via practitioner career development in Project, Program and Portfolio Management.
Main Objectives
Help Government and Academic Institutions to afford the challenges they are facing in managing their small, medium and large projects.
Drive the change to innovation and digitalization of Public Sector in Europe.
Increase the number (and quality) of PM's coming from the Public Sector (institution and Companies) in the PMI® Chapters' community.
Successfully promote PMI® brand across Europe and in the Public Sector.
For the most up-to-date GAAP Presentation, please click here.
To coordinate efforts throughout European Chapters, considering that most Public Administrations in the various countries have similar challenges and goals.

And that they are coordinated at EU level by a common Administration (e.g. Eurostat for National Statistic Authorities).

They can benefit by the experience done by other Chapters, in a similar way to the Corporate Ambassador Program already under deployment throughout Europe.

Establishing and maintain contacts with Government / Public Administrations & Universities has been always a big challenge for any Chapter.
Program road map
Key Deliverables
A Network of Public & Government Administration, University and other Academic Institution accessible to all ECC Chapters' leaders.
Set of best practices, do and don't lists, agreement templates, shared resources to be used by the Chapters to put in place a fruitful collaborations with the above institutions.
Chapter's marketing and advertisement material suitable to attract the Government and Academic Institutions (why joining a Chapter membership, the value of PMI® credentials perceived by those institutions, …).
CAPM courses and Masters in Project Management organized in collaboration with Universities.
Papers for international congresses and publications produced in collaboration with Professors and Researchers from the public sector.
Exchange of speakers coming from Government and Academic Institutions to feed Chapters' events throughout Europe.
White papers on best practices of Project Management in the public sector.
A pool of European experts in Project Management in the public sector which can contribute, and play a role, in the EU community.
GAAP international events organized in collaboration with EU & National Institutions with a special focus on Project Management in the public sector.
Participating Chapters
First pilot project (Italy)
Working group on Project Management & Research to:

• Verify state of the art of Project Management application in the frame of Research activities in Italy
• Support and disseminate best practices of Project, Program & Portfolio Management in public institutions, in particular in the Research field
• Organise events addressing PPPM in the public sector, both at national and European level
Core team
If you want to join the Government & Academic Ambassador Program please contact:
Sergio Gerosa
Sponsor of CAP Initiative
& President of PMI Central Italy Chapter

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