Corporate Ambassador Program
About the Project
The Corporate Ambassador Program (CAP) aims to create a successful pan-European corporate outreach program:

To help Chapters reinforce their communities by attracting Project and Program Management practitioners employed in multinational companies

To help Corporates to get more and customized benefits from their collaboration with local Chapters
Main Objectives
Shared benefits of partnering between chapters and companies
Create customizable business cases that Chapters can utilize for different types of companies to promote the benefits of engaging with Chapters:
- Exchange of high quality speakers between chapters and corporate partners
- Customized/joint events
- Joint research/studies/papers in Project Management
- Joint Academic outreach (events, collaborations, ...)
- Guest pass program based on membership yearly increase
Help Corporate Ambassador to become an effective link between their company and the Chapters

Scale across Europe thanks to ECC network

The CAP has been initiated with local pilot projects (mainly in Italy) and, based on the first results and lessons learned of these pilots, is now proposed for extension to other European countries where the multinational company operates, through the cooperation with the PMI ECC network.
The basic approach is based on a "free of charge" cooperation approach between the Chapters and the Corporates (no money flowing in between). Mutual benefits and services are exchanged.
Project roadmap
Project success criteria
This project will be successful if:
Good perception of the project by Corporates

A least two events organized in collaboration with Corporates, possibly in more than one country

Greater involvement of Corporates in Chapter membership (increasing quality of membership)

Number of Chapters involved by the end of first year > 10 throughout Europe
Current Corporate Partners
Our Team
Sergio Gerosa
Chapter president PMI Central Italy Chapter

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